Reddy Equipment Inc. proudly sells Ameri-Shred industrial shredding equipment. Ameri-Shred has been in business for almost thirty years and built a solid reputation based on quality products, innovative solutions and superior customer service. These shredders are best known for their solid steel construction, advanced engineering and superior durability.

Ameri-Shred equipment includes hard drive shredders, solid state drive shredders, industrial paper shredders, dual shaft shredders and auxiliary recycling equipment.

Hard Drive Shredders & Solid State Drive (SSD) Shredders Series

These two series of equipment can shred the following: standard rotary hard drives, backup tapes, DVD’s, cell phones, thumb drives, SSD’s, circuit boards, copier hard drives, laptop & notepad computers, assorted small e-scrap and more.

Industrial Paper Shredders: Strip Cut and Cross Cut

This equipment is comprised of heavy duty office shredder parts which are manufactured within precise tolerances, thereby ensuring minimal lifetime maintenance costs. The precision-ground, alloy steel cutters are durable enough to shred large paper clips, staples, credit cards, cardboard and more.

Industrial Dual Shaft Shredders Series

This equipment will efficiently shred medicinal plants, medical plant root balls, medicine plant stems, medical plant stalks and hemp plant waste. Dual Shaft Shredders result in less downtime, noise and dust emission.

Ameri-Shred Equipment includes:

  • Dual Shaft Shredders
  • E-Scrap & E-Waste Shredders
  • Hard Drive Shredders
  • Medical Plant Waste Shredders
  • Paper Shredders: Cross Cut
  • Paper Shredders: Strip Cut
  • Pill Bottle Shredders
  • Shredding Trucks
  • Solid State Drive Shredders
  • Cart Tippers & Box Dumpers
  • Conveyors & Balers
  • Dust Collectors
  • Sorting & Metering Systems
  • Vibratory Feeders