Compactors are an important tool in maximizing the efficiency of waste removal. If your business has pre-set trash pickups, often times the compactor is only partially-full. Reddy Equipment is excited to offer a cost saving solution that will help your company save even more money.

‍Sequoia’s Pioneer Compactor Monitor delivers a cost savings of up to 60%. The system takes just 20 minutes to install, pays for itself in under 60 days, and provides users with access to the most advanced management & reporting platform in the industry.

Benefits of using Pioneer Monitors

• Typically pays for itself in under 60 days.
• The most advanced management & reporting platform in the industry.
 • Automatically informs the hauler and can ‘carbon copy’ unlimited additional contacts.
 • Detailed environmental impact and savings reports.
 • Hardware is internet connected via a dedicated cellular modem for ongoing updates.
• Automatic pickup request generation, timed to maximize tons/haul.
• No cost for hardware (others charge $500-$4,000 per unit), just a flat monthly subscription.
• Installs in 20 minutes with a simple self-install process.
• Tonnage and Service Confirmation add-on (scrape invoice for tonnage and service confirm).
• Invoice Audit add-on – Typically saves 5% per year by preventing hidden price increases. 

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